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Batting Partnerships

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1220 Haard Shah - Thomas McCourt Sturt Cricket ClubUnder 16 Red6 1 East Torrens
2170 Matthew Spoors - Thomas Kelly Sturt Cricket ClubWest End Twenty20 Cup6 1 East Torrens
3168 Haard Shah - Dylan James Sturt Cricket ClubUnder 16 Red10 1 Kensington
4154 Tyler Aitchison - Connor Dudley Sturt Cricket ClubWest End Mens 2nd Grade5 1 Adelaide
5158 Thomas Kelly - Harry Matthias Sturt Cricket ClubWest End Mens 1st Grade3 1 West Torrens
6132 Joseph Raphael - Henry Pontifex Sturt Cricket ClubUnder 16 White11 1 Northern Districts
7103 Ethan Trewartha - Ben McCure Sturt Cricket ClubWest End Mens 3rd Grade6 1 Adelaide University
866 Oliver French - Thomas Castledine Sturt Cricket ClubUnder 16 White3 1 West Torrens
9107 Jacob Matheson - Sean Wood Sturt Cricket ClubUnder 16 Red5 1 Adelaide
1038 Austin Robertson - Cooper Kupke Sturt Cricket ClubWest End Mens 3rd GradeGF 1 Kensington

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